Expanded Monk & Ninja Classes for Pathfinder

Product Name: The Expanded Monk & Ninja
Publisher: Kobold Press
Author: Jerall Toi
System: Pathfinder
Series: New Paths
Theme: Epic Fantasy
Type: Third Party Supplement
Release: PDF
Link: http://roleplayerschronicle.com/reference/?p=52482

Kobold Press has released their latest New Paths supplement for Pathfinder, this time focusing on the monk and ninja classes.

Monks and ninjas are characters of hidden depths and mystic power, balancing speed, strength, and a profound understanding of how to master any situation. The Expanded Monk and Ninja expands this field of play for these classes with new options written by Venture Captain Jerall Toi, and refined in the crucible of playtests with PFS players.

DriveThruRPG: New Paths 5: Expanded Monk and Ninja (Pathfinder RPG)

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