New Military Sci-Fi Content for GURPS

Product Name: Military Sci-Fi
Publisher: Steve Jackson Games
Author: Hans-Christian Vortisch, David L. Pulver, Kenneth Peters, W.A. Frick, Adrian Tymes, Steven Marsh
System: GURPS
Series: Pyramid
Theme: Military Sci-Fi
Type: Magazine
Release: PDF

The latest issue of Pyramid for GURPS focuses on weapons and action for sci-fi games.

This edition showcases Hans-Christian Vortisch’s expansion to his popular GURPS Tactical Shooting supplement with “Tactical Shooting: Tomorrow,” taking the tools and techniques of realistic shooting into the future (including two new GURPS techniques). It also includes new and revised GURPS Ultra-Tech and GURPS High-Tech martial equipment, computers, software, options, and more. For the well-armed soldier, it offers Ultra-Tech co-author Kenneth Peters’ look at how the future soldier will be outfitted — including a pre-calculated set of gear in the GURPS Loadouts format!

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