Labyrinth Lord Solo Adventure Rules from Sine Nomine Publishing

Product Name: Solo Heroes
Publisher: Sine Nomine Publishing
Author: Kevin Crawford
System: Labyrinth Lord
Setting: Red Tide
Theme: Retro Fantasy
Type: Supplement
Release: PDF

Sine Nomine Publishing has released a free set of Labyrinth Lord rules for solo adventuring.

Maybe you want to show a friend the fun of classic D&D, but you can’t pull a group together on short notice. Maybe you have nights where only one friend can make it, and you’re tired of breaking out the card games. Maybe you just want to run a side game for somebody, but don’t feel like weighing them down with an entourage of henchmen just so they can survive their first combat. What do you need? You need Solo Heroes, a free Labyrinth Lord-compatible supplement for lone adventuring.

DriveThruRPG: Black Streams: Solo Heroes

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