Lost City of the Dwarves OGL Solo Adventures Continues in Interim

Product Name: Interim
Publisher: Pen & Forge Productions
Author: Christopher J.A. Young
System: OGL
Series: Lost City of the Dwarves
Theme: Heroic Fantasy
Type: Solitaire Adventure
Release: PDF
Link: http://penandforge.ca/

Pen & Forge Productions has released a mini solo-adventure for their d20 Lost City of the Dwarves series.

This free solo mini-adventure is a continuation of Prologue and takes place during the first book in the Path of Legends world, Lost City of the Dwarves Part 1: Discovery. Set in a traditional fantasy setting, this new choose-your-own-adventure book uses basic d20 rules to allow you to adventure your way through the story with the familiar sword-slashing and potion-swigging flare of the “good ol’ days.”

DriveThruRPG: Lost City of the Dwarves: Interim

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