The Final Victoriana 3rd Edition Preview

Cubicle 7 Entertainment has posted their final chapter preview of the upcoming Victoriana 3rd edition core rulebook.

Victoriana Third Edition is almost complete!  Layout is finishing up, and we have a couple of rounds of proofing just to make sure everything is shipshape and Bristol fashion and then it will be unleashed on the world!

We graciously allowed Victoriana Line Developer Walt Ciechanowski a week away from our questions but now we’re back to take a look at the final chapter of Victoriana Third Edition – Trials and Tribulations!

So Trials and Tribulations – the title is of course a clue, but tell us, what is this chapter all about?

Simply put, this is the Gamesmaster’s section. The rest of the book gives you information about the world, making adventurers, and how to resolve conflicts; this section is geared towards helping a GM create penny dreadfuls, or adventures, for those adventurers to play through!

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