Preview the Minions of Chaos in Black Crusade The Tome of Excess

Fantasy Flight Games is getting ready to release their latest Black Crusade sourcebook, The Tome of Excess, with a preview on chaotic minions.

“I worship the gods, and by their favour, I am worshipped in turn.”
–Havastien the Beautiful

In February, we announced the upcoming release of The Tome of Excess, a sinfully indulgent supplement for Black Crusade. This powerful tribute to Slaanesh introduces four new Heretic Archetypes, along with cruel weapons, rules for empowering minions, new Daemon Engines, and more to amplify the rapacious hordes of the Dark Prince. While rules for expanded interactions and social combat allow players of all alignments to seduce their foes, players also gain new ways to use their growing Infamy, plus new dark rituals to curse and entrap enemies. Discover secrets of the Screaming Vortex, such as the Daemons of Contrition, the xenos guardians of the Forbidden Portal, Malignia’s deadly jungles, and more. And in the included adventure, Heretics must best a Pirate Prince of the Ragged Helix in their bid to launch their own Black Crusade!

Now, with the release of The Tome of Excess about a week away, we’re pleased to present a preview from contributing writer Tim Cox. Of all the servants of Chaos, it is perhaps those dedicated to Slaanesh who are most likely to surround themselves with a court of dedicated servants, whether simply to feed the Heretic’s ego, or to aid him in pursuing the debauched pleasures to be found in the Screaming Vortex. As a disciple of the Prince of Excess draws closer to perfection, it is only proper that lesser creatures flock to him, latching themselves to his rising star. Today, Tim discusses Slaanesh’s Minions and their place in The Tome of Excess.

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