Psi-punk: a Fudge Cyberpunk RPG Officially Released

Product Name: Psi-Punk
Publisher: Accessible Games
Author: Jacob Wood
System: Fudge
Setting: Psi-Punk
Theme: Sci-Fi Cyberpunk
Type: Core Rulebook
Release: PDF

Accessible Games is proud to announce the release of Psi-punk, a cyberpunk Fudge RPG. Successfully funded via Kickstarter in August 2012, Psi-punk is now available for general sale via RPGNow and DriveThruRPG.

Psi-punk is an exciting new cyberpunk RPG for the Fudge role-playing system. It combines a futuristic cyberpunk setting with a healthy dose of psionics to bring you a unique alternate world rife with intrigue, espionage, action, and adventure.

The 192 page core book offers everything you need to begin playing short of dice, paper, and friends. It offers a complete set of rules for building characters, custom gear and cyberware, and tweaking psionic powers to best suit your needs. GMs will love the advice on creating adventures with limited prep or fuss, as well as the included sample adventure. Everyone will love the helpful index for quick reference and the fully bookmarked PDF.

Illustrated by the talented Melissa Gay (best known for her work on The Dresden Files RPG, HERO system products), and several Third Eye Games books) and laid out by Ruben Smith-Zempel, Psi-punk is a top-quality product from an independent publisher.

For more information about Psi-punk and Accessible Games, visit

DriveThruRPG: Psi-punk

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