Adamant Entertainment Reveals Development Plans for Far West

After announcing the teaming-up with Cubicle 7 Entertainment to publish the Far West product line, Adamant Entertainment has posted their development plans for the first year’s worth of product support.

1) Enter The Sixgun — An adventure collection with 6 self-contained adventures for Far West

2) Fists of the Far West: Secret Scrolls of Kung Fu — An expanded martial arts sourcebook, with new styles, advanced design options, new Edges, etc.

3) Hissing Boiler, Burning Engine — The Cog Science (steampunk tech) sourcebook. New gear, advanced design options, setting material on tech-based groups and locations, etc.

4) Death on Horseback — A second adventure collection (important, we think, during the first year, to set the tone) with 6 more self-contained adventures for Far West.

5) Narrator’s Screen and A Town Called Prosperity — Taking the one non-exclusive stretch goal from the Kickstarter, and producing a print version packaged with a screen (similar to Cubicle 7′s gorgeous screen and Laketown sourcebook for The One Ring. The sourcebook will detail a full Far Western town, including all NPCs and adventure hooks… plus links to download fold-and-build papercraft models of the buildings, scaled for use with miniatures.

6) The Steel Remains: Legendary Weapons of the Far West — A sourcebook detailing unusual martial arts weapons, famous weaponsmiths, Legendary Weapons and Artifacts, etc.

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