Reality Blurs’ Ravaged Earth Second Edition is Now Available

Product Name: Ravaged Earth
Publisher: Reality Blurs
Author: Eric Avedissian, Dave Olson, Sean Preston
System: Savage Worlds
Setting: Ravaged Earth
Theme: Pulp
Type: Core Setting Guide (2nd Edition)
Release: PDF, Print Pre-order

Reality Blurs has released the 2nd edition of the Ravaged Earth core setting guide, now available in PDF with print versions on pre-order.

In 1898, the Martians tried to take over, but we got lucky and they left, died off, or whatever. Now, over thirty years later, they’re back. Persistent buggers, ain’t they?

We’re not totally unprepared. Aetherium, what we commonly call the Martian metal, has altered some folks and given them the power to fight back. While most of them live on the fringes, we need each and every one of them if we’re going to keep them from taking over. Aren’t we?

DriveThruRPG: Ravaged Earth: Revised Second Edition

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