Desert and Dryland Overland Map Hext Tiles from Dreamworlds

Product Name: Deserts & Drylands
Publisher: Dreamworlds
Author: Cornelius Clifford, Greg Stephens, Max Bantleman
System: Universal
Series: Hex Tile Maps
Theme: Generic Universal
Type: Modular Overland Map
Release: PDF

Dreamworlds has released their latest set of Hex Tiles.

Expansion pack of desert and drylands Hex Tiles to add to the ‘Countryside Medieval Maps’ pack or as a stand-alone set. This pack features deserts, dry lands, sand, dunes, dry wilderness, desert towns and forts, sandy roads and dust-blown cliffs. These are on compatable Hex Tiles to fit conveniently with the medieval countryside tiles and other packs, and utilise the unique Dreamworlds mapping system of hexagonal terrain tiles. Arrange the tiles next to each other to make a new campaign map every time. These Hex Tiles are generic and suitable for any fantasy, medieval, historical, role playing, tabletop or campaign games.

DriveThruRPG: Hex Tile Maps – Desert and Drylands Pack

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