MODCon – How to be a Great GM!

LEARN HOW TO BE A GREAT GM AT MODCON! Modiphius is inviting Gamemasters from across the world no matter what RPG they play, to come and learn How to be a Great GM with a host of free online panels to help you level up your skills! MODCon Friday, December 4th, is How to be a Great GM day! In collaboration with the YouTube channel How to be a Great GM, we have got an amazing line-up of some of...

Deep-Cut Studio Releases Books with RPG Maps

We have just launched books with RPG maps! These are Game Masters essentials to run the greatest RPGs. Inside you will find 24 maps, ready to use for various encounters. Each map is two A3 size pages, compatible with water based or whiteboard markers and have 1 inch grid overlay. Turn the page, roll the dice, enjoy instant action! Available at Links: